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8 Tips for Cleaning Epoxy Flooring

It happened, you spilled your first spill on your new Epoxy floor...what do you do? Don't panic! Read on to learn how to care for your epoxy floor and the best methods for different kinds of spills.

8 Tips for Cleaning Epoxy Flooring
8 Tips for Cleaning Epoxy Flooring

To keep your epoxy flooring looking great, we recommend the following:

1. For minor spills or vehicle drippings, wipe them up with a paper towel or other soft cloth.

2. Routine maintenance cleaning is best achieved with either a soft bristle broom or a large dust mop.

3. For heavy cleaning of a soiled epoxy floor, sweep away any loose debris and then mop floor with a hard foam mop, hot water, and clear ammonia. Four to five ounces of ammonia per gallon of water is all that is needed to adequately remove soiling.

4. Some winter road “pre-treatment” compounds leave a hazy film on epoxy floor coatings after cleaning. This can normally be removed with hot water and a deck brush. Continuous rinsing may be required to keep the compounds from drying onto new areas of the floor.

5. Some stains (including rust) may require light scrubbing with a kitchen soft scrubbing pad. If you’re unable to remove with just hot water, we recommend using a small amount of Soft Scrub. DO NOT USE COMET or other abrasive cleaning chemicals on the coatings.

6. If desired, the epoxy floor can be hosed out and squeegeed dry.

7. DO NOT USE any cleaner that contains ACIDS (citrus cleaners or vinegar) or soap-based cleaners. Soap based cleaners leave a residue on epoxy flooring that not only detracts from the shine, but also becomes increasingly slippery should the floor get wet.

8. Use a mat (welcome mat) inside any entry door to assist removal of frost and water from the bottoms of shoes when entering the garage. Longer mats may be required during winter weather.

We stress that if you frequently mop your floors, like many of our customers do, you may build up a soapy residue that dulls the appearance of the floor coatings. This can normally be stripped off by following the third tip above.

We receive frequent calls from non-customers where they state the coating has dulled. To date, every instance has been nothing more than residue build-up from the cleaning method they were using. Following the quick tips above will help keep that floor looking as amazing as the day it was installed!


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1 Comment

Andre Les
Andre Les
Jun 09, 2022

Commercial cleaning often requires special cleaning equipment, so trying to take care of it yourself is not always a practical solution. Professional floor cleaning can help keep your floors in top condition for a long time.

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