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Why Epoxy?

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Unless you know someone who's had their garage floor refinished, you may have never known that you can Epoxy a garage floor or other concrete surface like patios, studios, or automotive businesses. So why do it? What are the benefits? Read on to learn more!

Make Your Garage Floor Stain Free: Apart from making your garage floor look great, the hard epoxy coating is very durable and immune to chemicals and stains. Your floor is safe!

Covers Up Flawed Concrete: Does your garage floor have any minor imperfections like small spider cracks or flaws in the concrete? A professionally installed epoxy coating is thick and does a great job of covering these types of flaws.

Gets Rid of the Dust: Concrete floors are dusty. Most of the dust you find in your garage, the kind of dusty powder that collects on your cars and storage items comes from a concrete garage floor. An epoxy coating, however, is like a topical sealer which will cover up the concrete to make it a dust free floor. That keeps your garage and home a lot cleaner and healthier.

Garage Floors Are Slippery: Most garage floors have a smooth finish. So, when they get wet, they are very slippery. A good epoxy coating with slip resistance will quickly take care of this problem and will help you stay on your feet and not on your back! (ask for extra slip resistance coating materials if desired)

Improves the Value of Your Home: A nicely installed epoxy coating is more attractive in your garage compared to a stained, dull concrete floor. An epoxy coating increases the value of your home to a potential buyer if they know they can move in with confidence, knowing they don’t have to do any maintenance on the garage floor.

It’s Stain Proof: Epoxy coatings are chemical and stain resistant. So, if you spill any oil, grease, brake fluids, gasoline or any other car or bike chemicals on your garage floor, there is no need to panic. They can be wiped away easily, even if the oil or chemical sits for a while (see 8 Tips for Cleaning an Epoxy Floor).


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Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma
Nov 26, 2018

Epoxy Floors

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